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1 Tree Financial Bookkeeping Services in Osoyoos BC offers services that keep your business on track. We realize that any process in business development can be confusing and time consuming, but we are here to help. From the initial business planning stage, we can help you with financial projections and set up your books to get you started. We will help you through the complications with personalized training then stay available to help you with whatever comes up in the future with your bookkeeping questions. If you would rather hand us the reins for a stress-free experience, we will keep the lines of communication open as we work for you, so you understand clearly what we need from you in the way of receipts and business information. The last thing you want when developing your business is an unforeseen GST bill or lost revenue from financial misunderstandings.

Bookkeeping & Tax Work

Helping entrepreneurs succeed for over 20 years.

We have been involved in combined bookkeeping and tax work for over 20 Years. We work with all industries, but our specialty is supporting self employed persons and the construction industry throughout the Okanagan Valley. For over two decades we have felt proud to work with and learn the stories that drive entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing their ideas to life through business channels.

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We can help you re-style your books for optimal organization and help you understand what the numbers mean. If you need assistance with bookkeeping, we invite you to call us for a private consultation. We know you can succeed, and we will help you organize your financial details and take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on business.

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